The Blizzard Quattro 8.0 CA is a perfect ride for the solid intermediate to advanced skier looking for stability and edge hold. Blizzard's new Quattro Concept focuses on four key engineering elements, control, stability, precision, and agility. By designing the Quattro 8.0 with these ingredients as the focal point you will be thoroughly impressed by how it skis. 4mm or rocker in the tip and tail makes the ski highly maneuverable when carving short to medium radius turns. Blizzard has a small Suspension System over the binding platform that increases the amount of rebound and vibration dampening properties the 8.0 has. A Compound Sidewall Construction will give you a firm grip on the snow, even when things get a little icy. If you are looking for a solid carving ski, with fantastic edge grip, that will not be too demanding, the Quattro 8.0 CA will be a perfect ski for you. 4mm Tip & Tail Rocker, Compound Sidewall Construction, Suspension System, IQ Binding System, Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 125/80/108 (@174cm), Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 16m (@174cm), Warranty: One Year, Type: Frontside Skis (
Sale Price: $359.95
Retail Price: $599.95