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Nordica Team 2 Ski Boots - Kids': Your little guy is a ripper; he's been blasting through the ski school levels, and now he's following you around everywhere. And since he's caught the bug and wants to tag along on every weekend push to the mountains, the idea of renting boots seems fiscally irresponsible. It is, so get him a pair of the Nordica Team 2 Ski Boots, and watch him rip it up. Soon, it'll be you that's trying to keep up with him... Flex - 35 - Kids' specific flex to encourage progression. Liner type/style: COMFORT FIT Technologies: 45 DEGREE CLOSURE Full Triax Construction - Advanced polypropylene formula exclusive to Nordica provides a 25% shell and cuff weight reduction compared to any other high performance or race boot on the market. TRIAX has a more consistent behavior within a wide range of temperatures and is easily workable by boot fitters.
Sale Price: $109.99
Retail Price: $149.00